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Thank you for your interest in PsyPAN’s Peer Support Programme.

Clinicians, trial sponsors and funders

Contact us now if you or your organisation are involved in providing legal psychedelic-assisted therapy and would like to support PsyPAN’s sector-wide Peer Support Programme. We can work together so that your participants can join the programme post-trial or -treatment, and help address the feelings of loneliness and isolation commonly experienced by participants at the end of the treatment process.

Please also reach out to us if your organisation would like to provide philanthropic funding for PsyPAN’s Peer Support Programme and help address this unmet need.

Contact us now:

Former clinical trial participants

We are gauging the demand for peer support groups for former clinical trial participants so that we can measure this, feed it back to the sector and secure the funding necessary to create these groups.

If you are a former clinical trial participant and interested in participating in future peer support groups, please join the PsyPAN community here.

If you are already a PsyPAN member, we will be emailing all former clinical trial participants within the network to gauge the level of interest soon.