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Participant wellbeing and maximising positive therapeutic outcomes should be the primary concerns for all ethical clinical trial and treatment centres. PsyPAN will help organisations place participants at the heart of every psychedelic treatment they provide. Our team of ‘Experts By Experience’ will provide tailored assistance to organisations to develop and maintain best practice throughout the whole treatment process, from screening through to aftercare. Contact us for a quote.


Clinical trial and psychedelic treatment centres can apply for PsyPAN Accreditation to demonstrate they are striving to provide the very best participant experiences and outcomes. We will monitor and assess all elements of the treatment process and gather feedback from everyone involved, placing the greatest emphasis on the views and responses of participants. We will collate a detailed report and provide PsyPAN Accreditation to organisations that are providing the best end-to-end participant care.


PsyPAN will act to ensure participants receive the very best care when taking part in psychedelic clinical trials or treatments. Organisations can turn to our tailored services to improve their treatment processes and participant experiences they provide, while participants can turn to us to advocate alongside them so they receive the full protection, support and care that they deserve. The larger PsyPAN grows, the greater collective knowledge and experience we collate, the more work we will be able to do to help ensure every participant receives the optimal treatment.

The Network

PsyPAN has been created to empower all psychedelic trial and treatment participants and to combine and amplify their voices. By joining together we can ensure participant safety and maximise the best treatment outcomes. PsyPAN will provide a supportive and understanding community that works together to maximise the benefits of these potentially life-changing treatments. We will join together with online communities, peer support and connectedness groups, other like-minded organisations and at related events. As PsyPAN becomes more established, we will also expand our team of ‘Experts By Experience’ to help provide our advocacy and consultancy services. Have you received psychedelic-assisted therapy during a clinical trial or at a legal treatment centre? Join PsyPAN here.

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